• Some comments from the 2011 Dynamic race schedule:

    “Your organizational ability is a source of wonder to me.” Team Captain in Chattanooga

    “Thank you for the great job of organizing!  We had a lot of fun, and look forward to racing again next year!” ~ Team Captain in Chattanooga

    “Awesome event! Enjoyed participating and looking forward to next year. Thank you!” ~ Team Captain in Memphis

    “I cannot fully describe how much fun we had with this. I highly, highly recommend you get in on the action next year. We were so taken with the sport, we discussed the farfetched option of purchasing our own dragon boat and becoming a traveling racing team. More realistically, however, almost every member of our team enthusiastically committed to participating next year. Cannot say it enough: dragon boat racing is the coolest.” ~ From blogger Melissa Melton in Memphis

    “Thanks for hosting a great event. You and your staff are the best!” ~ Robert Benedict, Team Captain in Knoxville 

    “Thank you so much for all you did for the Dragon Boat Race. Our Team thoroughly enjoyed the entire time, from practices to take down of the tent! We are looking forward to planning for next year already.” ~ Amanda Walters, Team Captain in Knoxville

    “Thank you so much for the work you did putting the Dragon Boat race together. It seems like a massive undertaking and from where we stand, you did an excellent job!” ~ Steve & Victoria Carlson, Team Captain in Chattanooga

    “Thank you so much for all of your help with the races this year! It was an overwhelming success! I really appreciated you helping us with even the small things. It was great working with you!” ~ Doug Hausken, Cumberland River Compact, Nashville