Team FAQ

  • Dragon Boat Racing rapidly gains popularity as the 8th fastest growing sport in the world. The growth stems from participation of various groups and corporations using it as an opportunity to build their internal teams. Teams bring their best to become Grand Champion for the most unique, fun and unforgettable experience! Join us for the Second Annual Decatur Morgan Hospital Foundation Dragon Boat Festival!

    Team Info

    • Team Captains and/or Co-Captains lead the team effort and informs team members.
    • Teams race with 20 paddlers, a drummer and steerer (provided). Teams may have 4 alternates, for a total of 25 team members, or can race with minimum of 16. Must have at least 8 female paddlers. Minimum age for adult teams is 15, with parental signature.
    •  Race management provides dragon boats for each team. They are stable and safe.
    • Each team gets an on-water practice session with registration.
    • Each team races on Saturday, May 9, 2015 – two times, with top teams racing in a Final round.
    • Races are 200 meters – about two football fields, which will take just over a minute at full speed.
    • Practices and racing will NOT be canceled or postponed due to rain.
    • Your team should bring a tent, if desired, competitive spirit, water, food, tent decorations, etc. It’s a company picnic, community & cultural festival and adrenaline-pumping racing action in one.
    • Non-racing awards include: top fundraising team, top fundraising indivdual, team spirit, best dressed drummer and best team name.
    • Awards & Medals for Gold, Silver & Bronze winners, and for divisional winners.
    • Division include: Banks/Financial; Hospitals/Medical; Media/Communications; Manufacturing; Civic/Government; Engineering/Architecture; Church, College/University; & Community Team.
    • Almost anyone, regardless of size and fitness level, can paddle in a dragon boat race.